Hotels in Ayr


One of the best things that can happen to a person when he or she is away from home is finding a place to sleep and eat that offers comfort similar or even close to what they get in their homes.

There are travellers who prefer hotels in Ayr over other types of accommodation. And similarly there are people who would only use a B&B. More and more business travellers  are staying in a B&B in Ayr, especially regular travellers who get to know the owners and feel relaxed in an Ayr B&B.

Is bed and breakfast right for you?

Bed and breakfast or guest house accommodation is becoming more popular, as owners raise their standard to compete with hotels. However, they are not right for every person which means that one should take some time to determine if B and B is the best option. Here is what you can expect:

  • Small and more intimate types of accommodation compared to large hotels
  • Individually styled rooms
  • Personal attention from knowledgeable owners
  • Inclusive pricing – usually WiFi, parking and welcome tea / coffee are provided free of charge
  • Information about recommended restaurants and attractions

A hotel in Ayr would be more suitable for travellers who want room service, lounge bars and dining room on site.

salmon and Scrambled Eggs at Coila Guest HouseIs breakfast important to you?

If you have time for breakfast, a B&B is ideal. You will have a good choice, but importantly it will be freshly cooked by the owners. If a quick cup of coffee and toast is all that is required, a hotel breakfast will do just as well.

Bed and Breakfast Ayr